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Gone With The Wind: Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn

Gone With The Wind: Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn


Be you, unapologetically. You best believe this also includes being open to learning and experiences as we chatted about in our previous blog. By the way, how're those coming, queen? 

Today, I want us to shed some light and talk about missed opportunities. Ugh, I know. Bummer. But there can be a huge growth opportunity and learning experience on this topic. I am not saying live with regrets. Please don't! I personally don’t believe in that. I believe in learning rather than regretting. Missed opportunities can include missing that job interview because you weren’t confident enough in yourself that you could land it, or even failing to notice that sweet and great guy who's been right under your nose, will do anything for you, and is crazy about you. I'm sure we can all think of a guy like this. (Shout out to the real and sincere men out there!)

Sometimes, we tend to not really realize what we have or what is right in front of us until we lose it for good. Why is this? This kinda reminds me of the movie Gone With The Wind. Surely, there are dark moments and characters in this movie, inspired by The 1936 novel by Margaret Mitchell, yet the movie highlights this important theme of a missed opportunity. (spoiler alert!)

Showcasing a realistic and relatable perspective on life (even though a fictional story), Scarlett O'Hara finally realizes her true feelings for Rhett only when he leaves. This was a missed opportunity for Scarlett and she took Rhett for granted.

Rhett is also the only person who truly knows and understands Scarlett and her complexity. After Scarlett lost her husband in the war, at the funeral dressed in black, Scarlett was not as heartbroken as she appeared to be. Rhett saw right through her charade and asked her to dance. Scarlett gave in. Not only this but Rhett was able to let Scarlett feel comfortable and be herself; imperfections and all. Talkin' 'bout real and raw love, folks!


At the end of the movie, Scarlett asks Rhett, "Where shall I go? What shall I do?" Rhett, leaving, says "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Rhett's famous line still moves us today. Because of the context behind it. Think about it. If you did not feel appreciated after a long while, would you have done the same thing as Rhett? I hope you would, too. Rhett knew his worth and so should you. Sometimes, an opportunity also means knowing when to make an exit. This can be any situation that causes you constant stress, pain, or harm. 

Do you have a "Rhett" who was (or is) in your life?

Whether you do or do not, be your own Rhett. Start today. Let his line at the end of the movie be a testament to how you will dictate your own life moving forward. Without fear, regret, or missed opportunities. 



Opportunities happen more often than we realize. The important thing is to learn from missed opportunities and be more aware of novel or new ones when they arise again. Believe me, they will!

New experiences, relationships, job offers, skills, and friendships have the amazing ability to immensely enrich our lives. And it is perfectly fine to make the first move and go after them! We gotta do it for our crown, amirite? 




Embrace new opportunities, always. 

Unapologetically, be you always. 


'Til next time

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