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Queens Age Like Wine

Queens Age Like Wine

Is aging nudging at you? A mix of emotions and feelings can be paired with getting older. We all go through changes and milestones. As exciting as this is, it can be overwhelming too. All of a sudden we pause and look in the mirror, realizing we are not the 21 year old we once were. And this can be a shock. We no longer anticipate birthdays in the same way we once did as when we were kids, so excited with the idea of growing up. We blame it on age, don't we? Well I say we stop this at once. Let's start a new movement that begins with a new mantra: We can be sexy, strong, and sensual at any age. This is what I like to call, "The 3 S's", my dear. Because we are like wine… we only get better with time 😉

I was talking to my girlfriends the other day about this aging thing and they seemed to be struggling with getting older, too. For sure, it is normal to feel this way. However, society can have unrealistic expectations of image which can also  force us to compare ourselves to others and feel down about ourselves. #RUDE Though, the only person we should be comparing ourselves to... is ourselves. 


I will be turning 30 years old next week. Whoa! Time flies, and talk about a milestone birthday, huh? Instead of spending my last days in my 20s sulking about it, (which I think society embeds in us), I am celebrating and saying goodbye to them the right way. I think for women it is hard to accept the aging process because there is a stigma attached to it. Women may not associate beauty with age because society may not allow it or showcase it in a way that is appealing or sexy. However, as for my girl and spirit sister, Maye Musk, who fiercely and gracefully challenges this stigma when she says, “They say at a certain age you just stop caring. I wonder what age that is” in her iconic CoverGirl commercial. Becoming the face of CoverGirl at age 69 (GO QUEEN), Musk embraces her inner superwoman. A superwoman we all have inside us. She proves that we can accomplish anything regardless of "how old" we may be. 

As I got older, I learned that I don’t have to be with others to have a fun and fulfilling time. I learned how to prioritize and not sweat the small stuff and be happy with my own company. This year, I will take myself out and celebrate my birthday on my own and make it a habit moving forward every year. And you should too! Being able to hang with yourself and take that time is so important, especially towards growth and building confidence levels. To put it simply, it is absolute magic.  




  1. PLAN A SMALL GETAWAY: Is there a place or location nearby (or not so nearby) that you have been absolutely dreaming to visit? Go. 
  2. GO BOWLING OR VISIT A MUSEUM: By myself? Yes, queen! Connecting with yourself whether it be athletic or in an artsy way can be so freeing and fun. 
  3. TAKE YOURSELF OUT TO DINNER: Table for one please! Who's a better date than you? This is another great way for foodies (like myself) to experience and enjoy a restaurant they have been wanting to try out. No stress and no hassle of getting a big group together, waiting for that one late super late friend (we all have one in our group of friends who we love!), no planning... you only need you. (Which is all and more than what you need) Oh and make sure to treat yourself to dessert, too! You know that chocolate lava cake has my name on it. 


If it’s something you’re up for and want to join me in this #selfiebirthdaycelebration cookie takeover then post a picture of your birthday plans on the 'gram with that hashtag and be sure to tag us @thecookiejarofficial for a feature on our page! Can’t wait to see your selfie birthday plans. 


Whatever you decide to do, make sure it involves celebrating you. Every second, every day, and at every moment you have. You have done so much good already so be excited for all the more you will accomplish...  just with a wiser and warmer heart. Aging is a gift that should be embraced while we enjoy life in the present moment. 

See you on the 'gram.



Queens don't just age like wine, we are a force of nature. So go ahead and pour yourself a glass (legal age of course), and celebrate you.

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