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Stressed? For The Queens Experiencing Night Sweats

Stressed? For The Queens Experiencing Night Sweats

How’s Your Cookie Coping?

Happy Wednesday, Queens. We are just checking in to remind you to check in on yourselves! Since the pandemic started, it has been a challenging and uncertain year. Such uncertainty can lead to increasing levels of stress and anxiety which can in turn effect other areas of life. Mental health, healthy coping, and self-care have been emphasized this past year and robustly shifted to a forefront lens than never before seen. You owe it to yourself to get the comfort you deserve and need!


Keep Your Crown Up

Did you know that stress, anxiety, and menopause can cause night sweats? We’re sure that you’ve heard the importance of a daily routine and small tasks being critical to maintaining structure, calmness, control, and centricity— especially now. Incorporating routines, hobbies, and self care practices (while following social distancing and masking guidelines, of course) can be an effective outlet and way of healthily coping to relieve some of that built up stress and anxiety. 


Establish a Self Care Baseline: How Do I Start?

There are many different kinds of self care practices that are less or more involved than others that relieve stress and anxiety. First, start off small. Then gradually build upon each practice to expand your self care repertoire. 

Don't quite know where to begin? Find something small, or micro, that relaxes you. This could be an inhale and exhale breath on a 4:5 count (whatever you prefer). Establish an easy self care baseline that you can always go back to whenever stressed no matter where you are.

Whenever you are ready, then build upon your baseline and incorporate more time consuming and creative self care practices on a mezzo (medium amount) and then macro (large amount) scale. This can be fun to do and your preferences can also change over time. One micro practice I love doing is a simple inhale exhale breath on a 4:5 count as mentioned before. Then a positive self talk for a mezzo, and a peaceful walk in nature for a macro.


Start thinking about self care practices that bring you joy and comfort. Make sure to carve out some time for them, too! The more you do them the more second nature they will become. This can also include yoga, puzzling, reading that book you’ve been wanting to start, or listening to a Beyoncé song to get you amped up before a work out—who run the world? 

Sometimes, us queens, cast ourselves to the side a bit as we wear many different hats... or shall I say crowns! Some of us are mothers, wives, daughters, workers, students, volunteers, and the list goes on. But, US QUEENS ARE RESILIENT. There is nothing we can’t do or handle.

Choose what will benefit you and you will be sleeping more comfortably and happily in no time! 


To pair with your self care practice regimen, treat yourself to our COOL COOKIE™️ HOME BLEND to support a restful, stress-and-sweat-free, sleep!



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