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Learn More about Aromatherapy!

Learn More about Aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy is a more holistic treatment using essential oils from plants to promote overall health. Different essential oils can be used for different purposes. What are the different oils and different purposes, you might ask? Google it yourself! Just kidding, I googled it! Here is a full list of some of the most popular ones, but below I’m highlighting some that are used to relieve PMS symptoms, along with a host of other benefits.


Clary Sage: some of its qualities include relieving menstrual pain and labor pain, as well as reliving anxiety.


Cypress: Along with being great for muscle and menstrual pain, it can be used to treat respiratory complaints and skin infections like cellulitis.


Fennel: this one is used for menstrual irregularities, as well as a digestive.


Geranium: besides being planted outside my mom’s house, geranium’s can be used to treat PMS, hormonal imbalances, and nerve pain.


Ginger: ginger is an anti-inflammatory! As such, it relieves pain. It is also a digestive, and is useful to eliminate gas and constipation. Maybe this is TMI about what my menstrual side effects are that need relieving…


Lavender: this is one I’ve included that isn’t specifically about PMS, but I’ve actually heard from the lips of a real person has worked great before going to bed. It’s calming and reduces anxiety. It’s also great for kids!


Lemon: I lied. This is another that doesn’t list PMS symptoms. BUT it is immune enhancing, which we all could use right not. It’s an antioxidant and reduces stress, and honestly one of my favorite scents. It just makes me feel clean and happy.


Neroli: Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Neroli is great for PMS but also for pregnancy and delivery. It also lists itself as a relief for postpartum depression. However, if you are experiencing depression after pregnancy, please contact a professional. Perhaps this can be a hammer or a Phillip’s Head screwdriver, but it is not a whole toolbox to deal with depression.


Roman chamomile: this is an anti-inflammatory that can alleviate menstrual cramps and anxiety. It also works for insomnia (a common ingredient in my SleepyTime tea) (I’m not sponsored. I wish.) Also, great for kids!


Rose: to quote this website, rose is “the queen of essential oils.” Well, I can’t wait to buy a commemorative plate! In addition to, again, alleviating PMS symptoms, it’s an aphrodisiac that reduces stress and anxiety and “nourishes the emotions.” I do not know what this means, but if your emotions are in need of nourishing, the Queen will see you now.


“This is all great, but how do I use it? Just eat a bunch of leaves and/or petals?” What a fun hyperbolic question! There are a number of ways to actually use these oils, now that you know their properties. Aromatherapy works through skin absorption in addition to smell. There are lots of different methods, including diffusers, bathing salts, facial steamers and masks, and applying the actual oil to your skin.


If you’re a bath lady or face mask/wash/toner person, you’re in luck! The Cookie Jar sells its own mixes here.

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