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Crown Jewel's Balls Grease, Solid Cologne for the Manhood

Men’s Intimate Cologne/Salve

Keep your private parts fresh with the best intimate cologne designed for your downstairs!

A man’s private region can get hot, sweaty, and smelly after a long day out. Not only can this lead to unpleasant odors and other issues, it can also ruin an otherwise great night. That’s why this intimate cologne has been specially designed for a man’s most intimate parts to keep them feeling and smelling good all day and night. This unique formula contains natural ingredients that keep your most sensitive and intimate area moisturized and odor free. The seductive scent also leaves a cooling, fresh sensation after using. This intimate cologne is a perfect way to treat your significant other and make bedroom adventures more enjoyable!

So, what else makes this cologne so special?

• Exclusively designed for a man's private parts
• A solution for you and your partner's own enjoyment
• Can be used on other parts of the body