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Hibiscus and Bamboo Face Refiner

Moisturize and polish your skin with our soothing Hibiscus and Bamboo Face Refiner. The natural ingredients in the refiner work to gently remove dead skin cells while moisturizing to result in a healthy, glowing complexion.

This face refiner is suitable for all skin types. Hibiscus is included to restore a bright and youthful look, while Bamboo refines the appearance of skin texture and brightens skin tone and Aloe soothes any irritation. The natural thickening agent gives the refiner an elegant and velvety feel when it is applied. Other ingredients include crushed walnut shell to gently exfoliate together with surfactants to bind the ingredients and a non-paraben preservative to keep the product fresh. The refiner has a gorgeous natural reddish-purple color due to the coloration of the ingredients. It comes in a handy 3.5 oz glass storage jar.