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Turmeric - Lemon Brightening Natural Deodorant

Even tone your underarm all while keeping the stank away with Turmeric - Lemon Natural Deodorant. Highly effective and pleasantly creamy, our Turmeric - Lemon Deodorant is formulated to moisturize underarm skin while fighting odor without commercial chemicals or additives and lighten dark underarms!

Please note, this product goes on with a yellow hue but absorbs in nicely. However, if applied right before putting on clothing, it may stain. We recommend either allowing the product to fully absorb before putting on clothes or use at night

The aroma of the natural deodorant is cheerful, helping you feel ready to take on the day with confidence. And it’s made with therapeutic essential oils, not perfumes! The absence of common toxins found in commercial deodorants (such as aluminum and harsh fragrances) makes this creamy lemon-y deodorant a wiser choice for your body, too.