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Geometric Floral Bachelorette Sash Set (Set of 6)

Cheers to the best bachelorette party bride sash! Our geometric floral bachelorette sash set is a bold accessory for a bold crew. If you and your besties love celebrations and undeniable fun, then this is your bride sash. The geometric and watercolor floral print is so cheerful and fun that it'll put everyone in a good mood immediately. Also, what's a bachelorette party without the sashes? As you're out enjoying yourselves and taking pictures, you'll want some special attention to the bride. She should feel like the belle of the ball and the queen of the night! Whether you're all wearing little black dresses or customized tanks, your outfit won't be complete without the bachelorette party bride sash. These sashes will let everyone know you've entered the party.